Elmo in London

Elmo spent his autumn holiday in London and here is a picture diary of his trip. Enjoy!


Elmo is so happy because he is travelling to London! 
Weather is sunny and bright in Finland 
and Elmo hopes it's not rainy and foggy in London.

At Helsinki-Vantaa airport waiting for the flight.
A chocolate bar as a snack.
 It is always a good thing to carry chocolate along when travelling!

Does Elmo travel in economy class or in business class? 
Elmo just wants to travel safely and comfortably and take a nap.

In the plane. Elmo is excited and a little bit nervous because this is his first flight.

Seatbelts fastened. Elmo is ready to fly!


Now Elmo is in London and tries to decide where to go first.

A self-guided tour starts from St. Paul's Cathedral.

It is better to obey the rules. Elmo doesn't want to get lost.

Is Elmo lost now? Where are all the famous sightseeings
like Big Ben, Tower of London and London Bridge?

Elmo has always thought that this is London Bridge, but he just found out that this is Tower Bridge. 
A beautiful bridge anyway.

Going to Tower of London.  

Elmo found a cannon. It feels cold.

Royal guard. A funny and furry hat (Made of bear? Really? Poor bear!)
and a costume like he is participating in the masquerade. 
But Elmo likes the colour of the coat.
Why are they so serious? Elmo never is!

Oh no, why is Elmo in jail?
Elmo is very kind, nice and law-abiding and can't be in jail.
How does Elmo get out of here?

A sigh of relief! 
Out of jail, breathing fresh air in the yard of Tower of London. 

 A wonderful day in London is over and after reading the travel guide 
and making plans for the next day Elmo falls asleep.


Piccadilly Circus was so crowded 
that Elmo needed someone to look after him.

Walking at Regent Street and heading to Carnaby Street. This is the best place for shopping.

So here it finally is: Big Ben.
Is this the reason for British people's punctuality?

Elmo on Westminster Bridge.

The Houses of Parliament.

After admiring the sightseeings Elmo goes to a traditional British pub
and drinks a refreshing lemonade while waiting for food. Stomach is growling...

 Is this my supper? Peas and beans and tasteless carrots? 
Elmo is hungry after walking a lot
and wants to eat something else than seasonal vegetables.
Well, vegetables are always good for you!

Back in the hotel. Elmo did some shopping at Harrods,
which was the largest department store Elmo has ever seen.


Welcome on board! Why are we going to Greenwich
 but not to London Eye and Aquarium? Maybe they would be too scary for Elmo; 
London Eye is too high and the sharks in the Aquarium are terrifying.

HMS Belfast, a warship. Elmo doesn't like wars but his opinion is that the ship looks quite impressive.

At Greenwich. So peaceful and quiet after London's noisy traffic.

Going to Greenwich park. Elmo loves these decorative gates.

 Elmo and National Maritime Museum in the background.

Is this a good place to play hide and seek? 
Elmo thinks he should be green to hide properly. Greenwich is really green!

 Royal Observatory. Elmo is quite near the prime meridian.
Are we in the east or west now?

Elmo exploring the nature.

 After a busy day writing the postcards at hotel.


 At St. James's Park. Elmo feels himself very small.
How old is this tree? At least older than Elmo.

A classic telephone box. 
Elmo is like a chameleon, but he doesn't need to change his colour to disguise.

 Travelling in a double-decker bus.

Boy and Dolphin fountain in the rose garden of Hyde Park. Is that a Dolphin? Looks like a big angry fish.
 In Finland we have Angry Birds.

At Sloane Square at another fountain.
Is Elmo allowed to be out so late? Elmo think it is his bedtime.

Last night in London. Elmo is very tired. 
The bed is soft and comfortable! Elmo snores 
and dreams of all the wonderful things he has experienced during his trip.


At Heathrow airport. Elmo really enjoyed his holiday
and would have liked to stay longer in London. But now it is time to go home. 

There is Elmo's plane! Elmo recognized it from the blue letter F.